Glencore Agriculture is one of the UK’s largest grain merchants uniquely placed to trade in the domestic, European and International markets. Glencore’s reputation for innovation has created many new markets for home grown cereals across the world. They are the major exporters of wheat, barley, oilseeds and pulses through the Port of Tilbury as well as many other UK ports, and in addition they supply grains, oilseeds and pulses to all the major consumers in the UK. Glencore's national portfolio of strategically placed storage and quayside facilities ensures movement of grain to the right destination at the right time.

Glencore’s flagship website together with their mobile phone 'App' Grainmate, delivers two unique trading tools for arable farmers allowing them to trade online 24 hours a day.

At Great Tew Glencore processes feed and milling wheat, feed and malting barley, oilseed rape and oats allowing local farmers to achieve more for their crops. Glencore also offers attractive contracts for growers to store and process their goods through the Great Tew facility.


For all market and contract queries please contact:
Tom Eaton
01844 264119
07826 520452